Adult "Camp" Getaway!

Enjoy. Relax. Repeat.

Located in the Sierra Nevada, the Crystal Springs Inn is primed for relaxation. Our adult summer camp is geared toward meeting new friends and dropping out for a weekend. If you’re super energetic, this is not your weekend. If you’d like to do a little sky diving, probably shouldn’t call us! But . . . if you’d like to have some cocktails around a campfire, tube down the Truckee, and enjoy a sunset cruise on a pontoon boat, this is your destination. 

Prices starting at $500 per person!



Upon arrival you’re welcome to use our pool, play a little bean bag toss, or simply read on our porch. During the evening we’ll have some pizza and a couple cocktails around the campfire getting to know each other.


You’ll wake up to a home cooked breakfast (biscuits and gravy, scrambles, or our famous breakfast sandwiches - and always Mama’s Damned Apple Cake). We’ll head to the Truckee River for a nice lazy river float. We’ll pack sandwiches, fruit, snacks for midday. We’ll come home for dinner and another activity (game night, arts and crafts, or poker in the parlour) or enjoy another campfire.


Your choice. We’ll have a hike around Emerald Pools or you can choose to enjoy our porch and pool again. Later in the evening we’ll take an evening cruise around Rollins Lake on a pontoon while enjoying a light snack of fruits, cheeses, crackers, etc. We’ll then come home to a BBQ dinner followed by an outdoor movie!


Feel free to spend some last leisure time or spend some time on Rollins Lake enjoying Kayaks or SUP’s!!


Contact us directly for timing and availability. Groups are welcome!

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